How I Recovered a Hacked Facebook Page

You generally find out about individuals’ Facebook accounts getting hacked, and frequently see its outcomes (consistent occasion welcomes to arbitrary deals with dodgy connections). Anyway subsequent to working around web-based media for such a long time I generally thought I’d seen everything, and wouldn’t be tricked like so numerous others before me. So when I got hacked and had a Facebook page with 25k adherents taken from me, I was left feeling like a genuine sucker. However, I got it back, and really discovered a companion in a person who had taken me through the ringer, from a nation I’d never at any point known about.

It begins genuinely normal of any hack story you’ll discover on Yahoo! Answers or on the Facebook people group sheets. I woke up from the get-go Wednesday morning to check my unrivaled delight, a Facebook page I’d naturally developed to 25k supporters over the course of about 2 months. Notwithstanding, I was on ready as I found the accompanying messa

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ge in my inbox, posted by “Facebook Pages”:

“Dear Facebook client, After auditing your page movement, it was resolved that you were infringing upon our Terms of Service. Your record may be forever suspended. In the event that you think this is a misstep, if it’s not too much trouble, check your record on the connection beneath. This would demonstrate that your Page doesn’t have an infringement on our Standing of Service. We will promptly survey your record movement, and we will tell you again by means of email. Confirm your record at the connection beneath:


insert dodgy connection here

=============================== Thanks for being important for Facebook Community. “

I gave this a fast skim and trusted it to be genuine, incompletely in light of the fact that I was half sleeping, and part of the way since I certainly had encroached intellectual property laws with a couple of my posts. Thinking back I ought to have seen the linguistic blunders or checked the profile that the message came from (which was an outright phony) yet regardless I navigated to the connection, which took me through to the page underneath.

Facebook phishing

Without mulling over it I entered my subtleties, which guided me back to Facebook’s assistance page. I at that point informed the fake “Facebook Pages” profile from my page to disclose to them that it was done, and that I was holding back to be investigated. Sensing that I’d arranged the issue, I left the page and prepared for work, promising to look at how the survey had gone before I left for the afternoon.

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