Your Guide to Xtrack Vehicle Tracking From Genesis Communications

xTrack is a far reaching scope of following arrangements including planned explicitly to meet the shifted prerequisites of your association. volvo s90

These arrangements are extraordinarily adaptable, with the alternative of joining different various frameworks, to guarantee that you have all out and full oversight over your organization’s resources.

The xTrack range incorporates the accompanying:

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Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring

  • xTrack Professional Vehicle
  • xTrack CanBUS
  • xTrack Cold Chain Monitoring
  • xTrack Trailer
  • xTrack Sensors

Versatile Workforce Tracking

  • xTrack PDA
  • xTrack Express
  • xTrack Mobile Workflow

xTrack Professional Vehicle

On the off chance that your business works an armada of vehicles, you could profit by xTrack Professional vehicle global positioning frameworks.

xTrack Professional vehicle following caters for the wide and fluctuated needs of the cutting edge armada of business and cargo vehicles. It comes in a few structures and is for organizations who need to screen the driving exercises of their work power to expand proficiency and efficiency.

xTrack Vehicle

Vehicle following can smooth out your business tasks by making your vehicles more productive, safe and savvy.

An ever increasing number of associations are encountering the advantages of vehicle following from Genesis correspondences complete scope of vehicle GPS beacons. Putting resources into our vehicle global positioning frameworks will empower your business to:

  • Take control of resources
  • Monitor the exhibition of your drivers and vehicles
  • Analise driving practices
  • Eliminate unnecessary driving practices
  • Ensure expanded driver security
  • Reduced mishap hazard
  • Save cash on fuel, upkeep and correspondence costs
  • Save time on administrative work
  • Comply with tax collection and obligation of care enactment

Assume responsibility for your organization’s resources

No we’re not simply discussing your vehicles! The best resource of any organization is its representatives and vehicle following permits you to take control by checking both driver and vehicle execution adequately.

Screen execution

Vehicle GPS beacons empower you to examine, in detail, the driving conduct of your workers. This guarantees that you can wipe out exorbitant driving practices which can cost you cash in fuel and vehicle upkeep charges. This can likewise be a method of guaranteeing that your representatives are driving securely.

Driver wellbeing

It is assessed that auto collisions have cost the country £32 billion in lost efficiency and chronic sickness of laborers. By having vehicle following, you can ensure your armada is driven securely and henceforth lessen the potential for mishaps.

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